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Telling my family story through children's books and animations.

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I am a creator, both author and illustrator of Meem's Little World. My series of children's books, Meem's Little World, is a collection of poetry for the very young. First published in 2011, Meem's Little World has been recognized by the Texas Association of Authors, earning first place for Best Children's Picture Book under age 7, for all three books.

Born and raised in Dallas, I am a proud Texas native. My curious nature and passion for the world around me lead me to study biology at Texas Tech University and The University of Texas Austin. Soon after, I met and married the love of my life, Gregg. We live in Austin with two giant children, three sloppy dogs and of course Meem.


Meem's Little World was inspired by the treasured memories of reading to my children, Sean and Ashley. Sparks flew and the world seemed to stop as we snuggled together and got lost in a story. The magic we shared when reading together made my heart explode. I poured this love into creating Meem's Little World. Gregg and our giant children have cheered me on every step of the way.

The heart and soul of my creations comes from seeing the world through the eyes of a child, and of course Meem. Meem's Little World continues to grow. The Meem Team is currently expanding into stop animation video production. This playful path ahead will give Meemers the opportunity to engage in learning as they explore the wonderful world of Meem.

Calling all Meembers to join the parade!

Lori and Paco
what they SAY
“Lori Rolie is exceptional author, illustrator, and most importantly, human being!  Her work is so interesting to children; they all thoroughly enjoy finding Little Meem in each beautiflul illustration that accompanies each sweet poem or story.  Further, Lori has been an inspiration to the children at Lupine Lane; every year, our oldest class authors, illustrates and publishes their own autobiographies.  When they are complete, Lori visits to talk about her experience as an author, illustrator and publisher and takes a genuine interest in each child and their work.  If there is a magic ingredient to early literacy, Lori is it!  She brings her magic and makes it come alive for these children on their first journey of authoring, illustrating, and reading their very first publication!  We love Lori and her work and feel so grateful to know and love her!”

- Lauren Boyle @ Lupine Lane

“Meem’s Little World is a wonderful children’s book that AMI has been proud to support and promote over the years.  This award-winning book is great for pre-school and up to 2nd grade children.  Lori is a great author to have in schools and libraries to do a reading from her three books.  Children love the story and Lori’s enthusiasm.”  

- B Alan Bourgeois, Founder/Director of Authors Marketing International
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Lori Rolie, Author, Reading with kids

Reading with kids.

Book an in-person or online reading of Meem's Little World for your kids, friends, and family!

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Complimentary shipping on orders over $50. Discount applied at checkout.